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GO BEYOND: POS Solutions for Today’s World

When it comes to processing payments at your point of sale, every merchant needs reliable, high-performance equipment for fast transactions that keep the line moving. In addition, you need built-in security to protect your business and your customers’ card information. And with limited counter space, you need a compact terminal that leaves you plenty of room for displaying merchandise and serving customers.

Depending on the type of business you operate and the clientele you serve, you may have other special needs. Ignite Payments has a terminal and the related peripheral devices to serve every need – all at affordable prices.

Comprehensive Payment Options

All First Data FD terminals process virtually any form of payment – all major credit cards; PIN, signature and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) debit cards; paper and electronic checks; and First DataSM gift and loyalty cards.*

Stronger Security

Protect your business and customers from fraud with layers of security such as chip card technology (also known as EMV), Address Verification Service and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. In addition, all FD terminals are equipped with the First Data® TransArmor® solution that combines encryption with tokenization – providing you with an extra layer of security.

Unsurpassed Reliability Benefit from the dependability of First Data’s processing, which translates to speedier checkout, fast funding, and happier customers. Plus, with 24/7/365 service and support — including unique chargeback and interchange support — help is available whenever you need it.
Connectivity Options

If you choose to connect via the Internet using your existing broadband service, our Datawire® Secure Transport solution provides speed and security. Dial-up also available, with a Wi-Fi option on many First Data models.

Commitment to Innovation Our ongoing investment in new products and industry-leading advances, like POS solutions that accept contactless and mobile payments, keeps you ahead of the competition.

*Some terminals require the addition of a peripheral device for debit, EBT, check, gift and loyalty card processing.

Please note that First Data equipment and/or software may not be compatible with another processor’s systems.


40+ years in the business
760 offerings for merchants and financial institutions
$1.5 trillion settled annually
56 billion transactions annually
1.5 billion transactions online

"We put great value in the checkout experience, making it as quick and efficient as possible for our customers. These machines have tremendously helped with that.

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